With pencil in hand, the guests at play

Each stroke of the graphite, a masterpiece at bay

I move and pose, a canvas in motion

As the guests sketch, my form is their devotion

A muse for the sketchers, a subject to draw

As the party goes on, my poses are in awe

In the laughter, the wine, the creative vibe

A living canvas, a work of art alive

The guests’ vision, my body brings to life

A collaboration, a blending of fun and art, without any strife

As the sketches take shape, I am a part

A model’s muse, a canvas for a work of art

Sip and Draw Parties, a unique experience

Where art and socializing come together in perfect balance,

A canvas in motion, a model in grace

A perfect way to unleash the artist inside, in a relaxed pace.

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