Like a perfect match, we come together,

Brands and agencies, and me, the model, forever.

Our synergy is undeniable,

As we work to showcase their products undeniable.

My skills and talent, are what they need,

To make their products succeed.

And they in turn, give me the platform,

To shine and showcase my charm.

We understand each other’s needs,

And work together to achieve our goals with speed.

We are a team, united in our quest,

To make the perfect campaign, the best.

Our collaboration is seamless,

As we create images that are ageless.

We are perfect for each other, that’s for sure,

Together we will continue to soar.

With each project, our bond grows stronger,

As we continue to make the fashion industry wonder.

We are a match made in heaven,

Brands, agencies, and me, a commercial model, forever.

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