With a stillness and grace, I pose for the artists,

For universities, institutes, and studios, my talents are in high demands.

I am the muse, the subject of their art,

A living canvas, on which they impart.

With my body as their medium,

They create masterpieces, that are truly sublime.

Their pencils and paints, glide over my skin,

As they capture my form, in their art within.

Life drawing sessions, are where I thrive,

As I hold a pose, that keeps the artists alive.

My patience and focus, are what they seek,

As they bring their visions to life, unique.

I am a part of the creative process,

A crucial element, in the art’s success.

And as I stand still, for hours on end,

The art that’s created, is truly transcend.

I am an art model, a vital link,

In the journey of art, that will never shrink.

For universities, institutes, and studios alike,

I am the perfect subject, for their art endeavors.

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