Each artist has their own unique touch

Their own interpretation, that means so much

Each canvas, a new reflection of me

A different perspective, for all to see

One artist sees me as strong and bold

Another, as fragile and delicate to hold

One paints me with vibrant hues

Another, with soft pastels, so soothing and muse

Through each brushstroke, I see myself

In different forms of beauty, on the shelves

I am a work of art, in each creation

A subject, but also a muse of inspiration

I am seen through different eyes

Each artist, their own unique prize

Their depictions of me, a treasure trove

Of beauty, and self-love, to be constantly wove

So let the artists continue to create

Their visions of me, let them be fate

For in each painting, I am truly blessed

To see myself, in different forms of beauty, confessed.

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